Our Four-Point Promise:

1. We will provide academic and life coaching services to help you complete a college degree with the goal of zero student loan debt.

2. We will provide ongoing, consistent life coaching services to help you find your passion, and job placement services to get you on a career path doing work that feeds your soul.

3. We will connect you with financial planning workshops so you can be a smart investor of your money, and homebuyer education so you and your family can keep your eyes on long-term future goals.

4. We will provide a supportive community of people with the same goals as you, along with an array of interesting intellectual opportunities that form an important part of the college experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is this program for?
A: This program is designed for students who like learning but don’t like the traditional way students are taught in school: lectures, exams, and grades. We work with high school graduates who see value in having a mentor to stick with them over the next several years and guide them through the transition into a successful future.

Q: What does the program cost?
A: Tuition is $5,000 per year, which covers both the cost of college and the coaching services. However, if you are from a low-income family, there is a good chance that you will be eligible for federal Pell Grants, which could cover the full cost. In addition, many employers provide tuition reimbursement programs for their employees. For many students, the program is free.

Q: How is this different from a more traditional college path?
A: More than half of all students who enroll in traditional colleges do not graduate. Most students need to borrow money to pay tuition, leaving school with an average of $25,000 in debt. Studio Learning provides intensive one-on-one mentorship to help you stay on track. We help personalize your college experience with the goal of zero student debt.

Q: What is College for America?
A: College for America is an online learning program developed by Southern New Hampshire University. SNHU is a fully accredited, 83-year-old, nonprofit university, with a traditional four-year college campus in Manchester, NH and one of the country’s largest online universities. In all, the university serves more than 50,000 students.

Q: How does the College for America program work?
A: There are no grades at College for America. Work comes in the form of project-based learning—not lectures and exams. Students’ projects are evaluated by professional educators with an advanced degree in a relevant field. Projects are returned to students within 48 hours, with detailed feedback. If students’ work doesn’t show mastery of the competencies included in that project, they can tackle it again—with help from academic resources, fellow students, or a dedicated College for America Learning Coach. In developing the program, the university partnered with more than 100 major employers to ensure the curriculum helps students learn skills that will be relevant on the job.

Q: Without grades or exams, how do students earn college credit?
A: Each degree program is broken down into 20 goals, which contain between 5-8 competencies each. One example of a competency might be, “Can analyze a problem and present recommendations in writing.” Another example of a competency is, “Can use information effectively to accomplish a specific purpose.” After demonstrating mastery—the equivalent of earning an A in a traditional college course—of each group of competencies, students achieve a “goal” and earn real college credits. Twenty goals and 120 competencies later, the student is awarded a degree and diploma from Southern New Hampshire University.

Q: Where did the name “Studio Learning” come from?
A: A studio is a place where good, creative things are invented, born, and built. It can be a place for working quietly and alone, but also in partnership or on a team. It is a place carefully prepared and set aside for productivity and creation. Etymologically, the common root for the word “studio” also evokes study, studiousness, a specific intent to learn.