Studio Learning is a nonprofit organization with a mission to catalyze change in our education system. Your tax-deductible gift is funding breakthrough ideas. You are supporting new solutions to old problems. You are helping to facilitate radical collaboration among the people who are already on the ground doing the work.

That’s because Studio Learning is focused not just on doing good work; we’re focused on systems work. The Puget Sound area is rich with talented educators. Our region is fortunate to have a network of excellent nonprofits serving our diverse communities. And yet, when we look at the overall outcomes for the most vulnerable populations in our neighborhoods, we can see that something must be wrong. The problem is, despite the great work being done by groups and individuals, the overall system doesn’t work. We’re going to change that.

Thank you for your donation. And while you’re at it, please leave a message in the space below. Then, get in touch and let us know your story. It’s going to take all of us sharing ideas and resources to create an education system that works for everyone. Let’s do this together.

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